Well, What Do You Know? The TDR

As a niche supplier of parts for only Dodge/Cummins Turbo Diesel trucks, you can imagine that day-in and day-out we get asked many of the same questions. Often owners will want a reference location for the information that we discuss with them. Our go-to source for the data: the Turbo Diesel Register (TDR).

Some will balk at a TDR subscription. That’s okay, we know they just want an answer to the problem of the day. We all acknowledge that the TDR keeps Dodge/Cummins owners up to date on problems and solutions, but what more can be said about an old ‘93, ‘98.5 or ‘04 truck? (Actually, quite a bit, but that is why the TDR is consistently 140+ pages per quarter.) Regardless, the place for reference to the day-in, day-out questions – the Turbo Diesel Register Buyer’s Guide (pdf), published by the TDR and its members.


  • Diagnostic trouble codes – pages 269-278
  • Better fuel economy – pages 89-112
  • “Killer Dowel Pin” solution – pages 226-229
  • Fuel transfer pumps – pages 246-264
  • 12-valve no-start – pages 230
  • The best lubricant for your truck – pages 293-296
  • Performance enhancements – pages 48-69
  • Evolution of the Cummins engine – pages 26-47
  • Technical changes to the truck – pages 8-25
  • Vintage ‘94-’04 Lock/Unlock – page 231

And these are just the tip of the iceberg. Check out the Turbo Diesel Buyer’s Guide. While you’re at it, a subscription to the Turbo Diesel Register will go a long way toward helping you prevent problems with your truck before they occur. Give it some thought as you are waiting for the 329-page document to print out.

If you’ve had the opportunity to read the fuel transfer pump article from the TDBG, you’ll know that the fuel from the transfer pump is used to lubricate the expensive Bosch VP44 fuel injection pump in the ‘98.5-’02 trucks. If the transfer pump in your Dodge Turbo Diesel is marginal (you HAVE to monitor fuel pressure on these ‘98.5-’02 engines), the VP44 will fail and you’re looking at about $2000 to replace it.

Adding a FASS DDRP-02 (Dodge Direct Replacement Pump) is considerably less expensive than a new VP-44 injection pump even if you factor in the labor to install it. And please purchase a fuel pressure gauge to monitor the engine’s fuel pressure.

If you’re having trouble with the engine in your ‘98.5-’02 stuttering or stumbling you’ll want to do some VP44 injection pump diagnosis. Visit the Blue Chip Diesel website for some very helpful information about the VP44 fuel injection pump.

Finally, we’ve included one of our popular tech articles about the Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel fuel transfer pumps for you to read.

TDR 56
Fuel Transfer Pump Revisited

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