’94-’97 & ’06-’09 Dodge Ram Driver’s Side Seat Cushion

Geno's Garage '94-'97 & "06-'09 Dodge RamSeat Cushion

Several months ago we introduced a driver’s side seat cushion for the ’98-’02 Dodge Ram trucks. Because of the Quad Cab/suicide rear door design of the truck,this cushion was infamous for its “left side lean.” Mopar had discontinued their expensive cushion ($200) and the only option we had to help our customers was to develop a seat mould and sell seats. We are pleased that our ’98-’02 cushion is priced at $125, a big savings to you over the Mopar part.

With the availability of the ’98-’02 cushion, we had an outcry from owners of the ’94-’97 and, to a lesser extent, the ’06-’09 customers asking for a seat cushion.

As it turns out, the ’94-’97 cushion (Standard and Extended Cab) is the same as the ’98-’02 truck with the Standard Cab. So this part, GG-SC9497, works in both applications. Just like the development story of our ’98-’02 cushion, we asked our seat cushion vendor to add some durability features:

• Reinforce the left side of the cushion
• Reinforce the base where the foam meets the spring

They sent three prototype cushions each with a different foam density. We blindfold tested them and chose the same density that was used in the ’98-’02 blindfold test. There’s something to be said for consistency right?

Likewise, even though our initial order is half as many units, we’re going to price both the ’94-’97 cushion (again this fits ’98-’02 Standard Cab trucks, too.) and the ’06-’09 cushion at $125. (#GG-SC5180021)

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