Have you heard that the UAW and Big Three are on strike? Of course you have.

Yep. The official date was Friday, September 15. Initially they stopped production at several of the Big Three assembly plants. No big deal, right? Oops. On this assumption, we are incorrect. The UAW “trickle” has started. Now we are seeing walk outs at Mopar distribution and parts manufacturing facilities.
What does this mean to us? The obvious. Mopar parts shortages are already starting to affect our inventory levels.
So, do you have ample stock for your upcoming maintenance?
In Covid terms, who gets the toilet paper?
In “It’s a Wonderful Life” terms, will you play nice with others?
We could go into a rant about supply and demand, inflated prices, and human nature. It is best for us to refrain. 
Realize, however, that the UAW strike is now directly affecting the supply of Mopar branded parts.
And, friends, that is your public service announcement for the day.
As always, thank you for your business and patience as we work through these shortages.
Geno’s Garage Staff

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