Exterior Lighting for Your Dodge Ram

YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE…We are hoping that the corny intro caught your attention. Now what can you do to get the 1977 Debbie Boone song off your mind? Learn more about lighting for your Dodge Ram truck at Geno’s Garage.

Let’s talk about exterior lights for your Dodge Ram truck.

Previously, we offered a line of aftermarket lights. Some of them were stock-looking and some had winky-tinky features. The price was low, and as we found out, so was the quality. We shouldered the cost of warranty problems, but stopped selling the product.

Next, we tried and tested a more expensive light with lots of winky-tinky features. High price and low quality made that vendor’s product a non-starter.

We continued our search and have found a competitively priced, excellent quality vendor for stock lighting components for ’89-’18 Dodge Ram trucks from the folks at Mopar and DEPO. We are impressed by the quality, and we think you will be too.

Below are articles courtesy of the TDR that will help you discover how you can solve some Dodge Ram lighting problems.

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One Thought to “Exterior Lighting for Your Dodge Ram”

  1. I only buy Dodge Ram trucks beascue I beleive in only owning the best stuff! I bought my first one(1978 Ramcharger) back in 1985.It hooked me with it’s ability to get me in and out of my area’s woods and swamps.Next I bought a 1974 Power Wagon for a farm truck.Pulled my neighbor’s John Deere out when he got it stuck,also loaded 106 cement blocks on it at once to be footings for a house addition.The blocks were 30 lbs apiece,do the math,and it was a 1/2 ton pickup with overload springs.That convinced me that Mopar is Southern-speak for MORE POWER!!! I now have a 1976 for a plow truck,a 1987 for a woods truck,and my 1995 1500 Lariet Sunday go-to-meeting truck.There’s just no better vehicle around for getting into and out of places that are difficult !!

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