’98-’02 Dodge Ram Replacement Dashboard

In Issue 90 of the Turbo Diesel Register magazine, the folks at Geno’s Garage had a press release talking about the development of a ’98-’02 Dodge Ram replacement dashboard. The short version of that story is that they cut the front structure from a wrecked vehicle and had the tooling made to injection-mold a replacement dash.

It has been a long process to bring this product to the market, but the replacement dashboards are now in stock for immediate shipment. Call now—operators are standing by.

Seriously, this is a full replacement dashboard for ’98-02 Dodge Ram Second Generation trucks. This is not a cover. It is made in the USA with ABS plastic that is UV-coated to prevent the sun from cracking it, unlike the original dashboard which is not known for its longevity. This replacement dash is more durable than the original OEM part. The dashboard is only available in black and can be painted to match the interior color of your truck with interior trim paint.

In the lengthy development of this part you wouldn’t believe how efficient Geno’s Garage has become in removing and installing a ’98-’02 Dodge Ram dashboard. We’ve learned that each truck is a little bit different, and this one-piece unit may require some light trimming to fit.

We also learned (the hard way) that molded-in plastic reinforcements to the dashboard should be designed-in and used at the six dashboard-to-cowl locations. Other dashboards in the marketplace use awkward metal tabs and sandwich the plastic at these attachment points.

Our kit includes detailed instructions (TDR Issue 82, pages 14-18).

We recommend you consider a heater core replacement while you have your dash out of the truck. It is a big job and it is a whole lot easier to do while you already have the dash disassembled.

Order the DRD8-2: $259.95

Flat rate shipping charge of $40 to the lower 48 states.)

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